Setting up the Windows/Mac app on your presentation computer

Important: Windows support is in beta, and may experience some issues.

From the web or mobile app, you can sign up and send pages, but an app must also be installed on the Mac or Windows PC where you run your slides to display them.

The app requires Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later. It will also require an active Internet connection.

You or your slide tech team will need to download the app from our downloads page and install it. They'll need to login with an account with at least "Receiver" permissions. The app will run in the background, and can be set to start when the computer is started. You can access settings or quit the app from the menu bar on Mac, or the system tray on Windows.

Tweaking the appearance of the messages on screen

You can change font, color, size, and position from the Appearance tab in the app's settings.

Working with other apps

There may be additional steps involved, to ensure Pager works great with whatever app you use for showing slides:

Using Pager with ProPresenter 5 or 6

Using Pager with Apple's Keynote


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