Why does Pager require the Internet access to work?

WebSockets are the Internet-based technology used by Pager. It's high-reliability, has fallbacks to Flash and HTTP streaming, and is very performant on most modern browsers. It's so fast, we use it to send the relay messages back to the sender after the message is displayed.

We've found Pager works with most networks, browsers, and computers without extra configuration from IT staff. This minimal requirement makes Pager a much easier solution to get up-and-running without fuss vs other local network-based systems.

Yeah, but is it secure? Are you storing these messages somewhere or sharing them with anyone?

These messages are encrypted with Secure Websockets (it's like HTTPS for WebSockets). We do not store the messages on our server - they are sent to the Mac/Windows app, a status is returned to the sender, and then we throw away the message.


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