Inviting Users

WorshipKit is designed to be used by several members of your church staff and volunteer team. Fortunately, we've made it easy to bring them in.

You can find your people under the app dropdown menu. Just click on your church's name in the top left corner to open the menu.


In the menu, click "Users". You'll see a page that looks something like this...


The top section is for all of the users in your entire church. Below that, you'll see one or more sections for each campus in your church's account. You can share users across campuses, or just have them in one campus.

To invite a new user, click "Add user" at the bottom of the first section. You must add them to the church before they can be added to a particular campus.


Filling out this "Send invitation" form will send an email to this new user. They'll need to click the link from their desktop, and set a new password.

For more about the "Permissions" setting, see About Permission Levels


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