Managing Campuses

Why do I need campuses in my account?

If you only meet in one physical location every weekend, and only have one set of slides for all services, then you can probably get by with just the default campus.

Pager is billed per campus, because that's the number of different "outputs" you would have. Any time you'll have separate video output from a separate children's ministry, that would function as a separate campus.

Creating a Campus

Campuses can be managed from your church's account & billing page.


Click the app menu in the top left corner (your church's name), and choose "Account & Billing" from the menu.


Campuses are listed at the very bottom of this page.

You may click "Edit" on the right side of a campus to change its name or icon. Clicking "Delete" will immediately remove that campus and update any per-campus subscriptions you have (i.e., Pager). Deleting a campus can't be undone, so be careful!

Click "Add campus" to create a new campus.


Click on the image to add an icon or image for this campus, and enter a name. Then, click "Save".


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