Creating Lists in Texting

A group of recipients in your account is called a List.

Lists can be named, and with the subscribe code, anyone who wants to join this list can easily do so.


1. In Texting, choose the "Lists" tab from the menu.

2. On the left-side menu, click "Create New".

3. Enter a title which describes your list, such as "Peoria CampusLife" or "Youth Group".

4. Activate or deactivate the toggle switches for the Ministries with you wish associate this list. You can leave them all green if they apply to every ministry in your organization. This will affect which users have permission to see or use your list.

5. Activate or deactivate the toggle switches for the Recipients to be included in this list. When switches are off (red), the recipient will not be part of this list and not receive any messages sent to this list.

6. Click "Save" to apply changes to this list.


Note: Clicking "Permissions..." before saving the list will discard any changes you've made without saving.



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