Set up a message to send to a list

One of Texting's prime features is to push out a text message to a list of recipients without using a "group text", making the message feel personal and maintaining the privacy of your personal number.


Before sending, ensure your content follows our message guidelines to reduce the chance it's classified as spam.

1. Click the "Send" tab.

2. Click the drop-down list for "Send with Number", and choose the outgoing number you typically use for that list.

3. Click the drop-down for "Selected List", and choose the list of recipients you'd like to send this message to.

4. The "Message" field will accept the text content of your message. See our message guidelines for tips on how to compose this message.

5. If you wish to send the message immediately, keep "Send Now" active. If you unselect it, you'll be asked to provide a date and time. Click the date which appears to see a popup calendar. The date and time can be adjusted in this calendar.


Can I send images?

You sure can! They must be an image - JPG or PNG format - less than 1.5 MB in size. If you only wish to send the image and no text, simply leave the "Message" field empty.



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